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The website “our-research – clinical .fr” is a portal of information to the general public on clinical research and the modalities of participation of healthy volunteers and patients in clinical trials.

Opened April 26, this site is (or “done”) in partnership with the CeNGEPS and FHF (France Hospital Federation), representing the NRF (national coordination of research of the hospital and academic Centres Co. Ct.). He received the support of the AFSSAPS and Directorate-General of health.

The site has no advertising support. Its implementation, its development and its actualization are fully provided by the CeNGEPS and the FHF.

The context: a distrust for clinical trials

Two surveys conducted current (survey IFOPS: Lilly Institute “The eyes of the French on clinical research” / February;) Survey OBEA/Infraforces for “Health magazine” /Mai) reveal distrust of a part of the French population for clinical trials.

Common use of the term “Guinea pig” illustrates this negative image.

Yet an adventurer that ignores, the patient who agrees to participate in a clinical trial is a committed, partner associated with an opportunity, to benefit from innovation and contribute to the collective development, while accepting the risk.

While recognizing the usefulness of clinical trials for medical progress, 76% of them is not participate. Or without volunteers healthy or ill, it is not possible to conduct clinical trials.

Organization of the Site

“our – search – cliniqe .fr” has a double purpose:

Present the clinical research activity, conduct, constraints, and the interest of participation in clinical trials for patients or healthy volunteers. Each presentation is shown video evidence which must contribute to humanize issued content

Ensure the visibility of ongoing clinical trials that their developers, institutional/academic or industrial, consider strategic or experiencing delays or difficulties in recruitment.

The site has four parts:

  • Clinical research in France
  • Participate in a clinical trial
  • The actors in research
  • Our mission

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