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Coverage universal health (CMU) is a French social benefit providing access to care, reimbursement of care, benefits and drug to any person resident in France and which is not already covered by an another compulsory sickness insurance scheme. This has replaced the cover “health card” which was the responsibility of the departments and was until then the same benefits. Voted by the Jospin Government and implemented since, this centralized system is managed by the URSSAF.


CMU (CMU base) and coverage (CMU – C) supplementary universal health have been passed under the Act of 27 July under the Government of Lionel Jospin, at the initiative of Martine Aubry. One of the main rapporteurs of this Act has been Jean-Claude Boulard, Member of the Department of the Sarthe at the time. This Act came into force on 1 January. March 31, 1.7 million people benefited from the CMU base and 4.17 million benefited from the CMU – C at December 31.

Basis CMU

The CMU base allows access to health insurance for any person of French or foreign nationality, residing in France for more than three months of stable and regular manner, with or without fixed home and which is not already covered by a social security scheme. It is free for insured persons with incomes below one fixed ceiling, the other to to pay a contribution of 8% of the share of their tax revenues above the limit of 9 164 euros since October 1.

People living in irregular France can benefit from medical assistance to State (AME).

Complementary CMU

Complementary CMU (CMU – C) is a free supplementary health supports what is not covered by compulsory health insurance schemes.

In the course of coordinated care it can support 100% of health costs, without having to make the advance of costs, including for the part not reimbursed by social security and the hospital day package.

In addition, recipients do not have to pay lump participation of the euro. Contract physicians also comply with the base rate recognised by social security (example: 23 euros since January 1, 2011 General attending physician).

However, a non-conventionné doctor has the right to apply the tariff of choice, since it made no agreement with health insurance.

To be this decision-making support, map Vitale and rights to supplementary CMU certification must be presented to the physician, pharmacist, in the laboratory, to the hospital.

The CMU – C is granted for one year under condition of resources. July 1, 2011, the annual ceiling for the CMU – C is set to 7 776 EUR per year (EUR 648 per month) for a single person in metropolis.

This amount is changing family situation and place of residence (in metropolitan France or in an overseas department).

Difficulties in access to care

According to a survey of doctors of the world, 14% of physicians reported then refuse CMU patients receive. Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot announced measures to force them to comply with the Act.

According to testing, 22% of sector specialists 2 (sector fees free) would refuse the insureds in CMU. The experience was to request by telephone appointments to 466 specialists in sector 2, specifying benefit from supplementary universal health (CMU – C) coverage. The refusal rate was zero in respirologists and reached 41% among psychiatrists. Physicians in sector 1 (tariff safely, including almost all of general practitioners) have not been tested.

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