Provident health associations

Created more than 40 years ago on the initiative of the AGF, now in partnership with Allianz, 20 Associations of provident health (ADPS) together on a regional basis across 500,000 insured individual health of AGF (pension and additional disease), is almost a million beneficiaries.

In each regional ADPS, the main categories socio-professional (TNS – PL, employees and agricultural operators) are represented by a college.

Governed by the law of 1901 on Associations (see Association Act of 1901), legally independent of Allianz, the ADPS are administered by the insured themselves. The Presidents of the ADPS are usually with responsibilities in the professional world (Chambers of crafts, chambers of Agriculture, etc.), the joint management of schemes of insurance and/or social life.

Objective of the ADPS

  • the development of information and prevention health (Journal “Echos health”).
  • support for their members and solidarity.
  • support to social or health projects (social action).

The actions of the ADPS are funded by an annual membership fee of 5 euros per contract.

Associations of solidarity inspired by “Mutualism”, they are real relay of information and dialogue between Allianz and its health clients:

The ADPS complement the contractual commitments of the company by a social component, and give a human dimension to relations insurer – insured.

By allowing simple insured to engage in actions of citizenship, through their local ADPS, the ADPS are part of a single sponsorship in its kind approach.

The ADPS of social action award

Since 1999, the ADPS challenge each year 4 price ADPS of Social Action, with 100 €000 25 €000 by winner, aimed to reward or to encourage an association or a social or health establishment that led – or plans to conduct – a particularly innovative or meritorious action prevention or support in the area of health or social.

The objectives of the ADPS price

  • encouraging local initiatives.
  • to assist in the realization of innovative projects by associations.
  • put to the honour of the often unsung actors in solidarity.

The winners

-Grand Prix at the Association for the disabled (Ardennes) for a project for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in rural areas, by collecting, repackaging and resale of clothing, furniture and household electrical appliances.

Price incentive to the Association Pierre Clément (Strasbourg) for its development of palliative home care project.

Grand Prix at the CROP Jean Lonjaret (Lyon / Châtillon of Azergues) for his multimedia project for the rehabilitation of dysphasiques children.

Price incentive to Canté Aouselou the Association (Toulouse / Mirepoix) for the development of farm home for people with autism and their families.

Grand prize in the Association the Mount of birds (67 Wissembourg) for the construction of an armoury of équithérapie for multiple.

Price incentive to EURAFECAM (Lille) for the realization of a web site for blind and visually impaired.

Grand prize in the Association the small (34 Lunel-Viel) hug for the acquisition of computer equipment and improvement of the intranet/internet network that allows children hospitalized in the service of onco-hematology of the CHU de Montpellier communicate with each other, with the CHU classes, with their families and their loved ones.

Price incentive to the association APARSHA (Association of Parents and friends representing the deaf with Handicaps Associés, 17 Surgères) for the financing of a survey of doctors-general practitioners and the creation of a wafer of reference for health professionals. This study and the plaque will enable better support of the requests for information of the families on the disadvantages of their child, for the development of a life project.

Grand Prix at the Association “The flight for the European children” (77 Echouboulains) for the creation of a suite room-to-eat/Theatre in its leisure centre. This centre welcomes children with severe, chronic diseases or long-term, to give back them the urge to fight their disease, by accepting their treatments often very heavy.

Price incentive to the Association the AVIHE (Association for an old-age happy – 63 St Amand-Tallende) for his actions of prevention and resocializing the elderly isolated living at home.

Grand Prix for “Handi’ dogs, Association national of education of dogs of Assistance for the disabled, to enable its Centre of Saint Brandan (22) to respond to a growing demand by developing its ways to educate and provide free of charge a number more important dog for assistance to people with a mobility impairment, in particular of children.”

Price incentive to the “Home help” (Angers 49) association for its action interpartenariale of insertion of people in situations of precariousness and exclusion around the creation of a musical and theatrical performance.

Grand Prix at the IEMSU Gervais de Lafond (87 Couzeix) for the creation of a workshop for learning of the conduct for persons with disabilities (completion of a driving simulator and implementation of actions of support and training).

Price incentive to the Association Handi’Cap on stage (Mouffy, near Auxerre 89) for the creation of a recording studio travelling for disabled, to enable them to realize their musical projects and create performances in collaboration with specialized centres.

Grand Prix at the Acc.Ent.Jeunes (home support youth – 15 Aurillac) association for the creation of a service to support specialized for minors and young major victims of sexual assault.

Price incentive to the Britain of the association antenna defeat Lysosomal diseases (22 Ploubezre) for its “Stays vacation families” project to facilitate the participation of children with Lysosomal diseases to a holiday in Brittany with their parents.

The ADPS price has evolved. It rewards now 4 projects, which will be presented with 25 €000 each.

Vétifuté – Centre:

This association adapted common clothes to the disability of persons with reduced mobility to facilitate their dressing and undressing. The transformation of the garment of ready to wear is in close collaboration with care staff, officers of the life to determine the best adjustments to make. The founding members wish to geographically expand this tailor-made service. Grand Award, they will be able to pay for one year a position of “Developer” on other departments.

Dreams Eure – Normandy high:

This association takes care of children from 3 to 18 years, with a very serious illness and for which the prognosis is reserved. They strive to fulfill their dreams and to soften their battle with the disease.

The requested funding will help the realization of dreams but the acquisition, installation and equipment of a mobile home with terrace of access to persons with disabilities, mobile home for sick children and their parents. This mobile home will be installed in a developed campground, on a pleasant and resting site.

Léa for Samy Isle of France:

The association, based in Paris, fought for autistic children to acquire autonomy and independence through the “Futuroschool” project. This project is based on the introduction in France of an A.B.A. method that allows every child to benefit from a support adapted to its needs. A psychologist has the responsibility of 4 children and can work with them separately.

The funding will allow the acquisition of furniture, computer equipment, Office Automation and ludoéducatif for the new antenna that will open in Montfermeil.

This will prevent children of Seine-St Denis to go every day to Paris.

”Cape duties” – Rhône Alps:

The association provides adolescents 11-18 from years of Vaize school support, a district of Lyon, classified in priority education network. They have serious difficulties in school and are not aid in their family. This project is implemented at Vaize College, with the support of the principal. The association, partner of the College played a complementary role. The association, students and their parents are involved and sign a commitment.

Before her success, the association can no longer cope with the demands. Working with volunteers, active, it has reached its limits and needs a permanent coordinator position. It is paid by ADECCO for a year. The ADPS price will allow its sustainability.

Rose of the Sands (Mulhouse):

  • Project: the Sun under the Préaux

This action is for children and teen with intellectual disabilities, behavior disorders of autism and related disorders.

France ad 29 (Brest):

  • Project: Bistro – memory of Finistère

VAGDESPOIR (17920 Breuillet):

  • Project: Changing the look on disability through the promotion of sliding.

T.H.O.M. (Toulouse Ovalie mixed Handi):

  • Project: Social integration of persons with disabilities by the practice of disabled sports rugby
  • The price of a amount each of 25 €000 will be presented in Paris on Wednesday, December 3 [when?].

Languedoc Roussillon Montpellier: Tandem disabled sports club

The club allows of all ages and from all backgrounds visually to the bicycle. It plans to extend the home to other disabilities to allow these people out of their isolation and better integrate through the practice of the tandem.

Limousin: Federation compagnonnique of the building trades

The companions of the Tower of France attention to the living conditions of children in hospital want to bring their skills for the manufacture of a sensory space to improve the living conditions of children and adolescents hospitalized hospital mother and child of Limoges.

North Pas de Calais: stars in their eyes

The association deals with sick children hospitalized for all conditions and overload overweight or obese children. The objective of the association is to bring the sport to the hospital.

PACA Association PREMA (Protection, resilience, Education, mediation Art therapy) for more than 10 years, this association provides a therapeutic home of heavy psychosocial difficulties children placed in institutions or foster families. The Association offers today a work more intensive, more continuous in order to support to resilience, with children in boarding school and integrating the essential school size.

Alsace: Green hand: the association axis activity in a sustainable employability of people with disabilities. It completed a market study to prove that there is a market for the use of the horse in the city and wants to create a team hippoville (tourism, transport, cleaning and waste collection)

Languedoc Roussillon: Club Odyssey: the association seeks to integrate persons with disabilities through the practice of scuba diving.

Lorraine: Circle of Amazons: to help to return to taste life, the association decided to create a place of home, listening, where an attempt is made to provide solutions to women with breast cancer and help restore their image as emotional, social, and professional.

Poitou Charentes: ‘ League Poitou Charentes karate project has the objective to create sections karate disability in all Poitou Charentes karate clubs and to propose the discovery of martial arts in some specialized institutions.

Auvergne: The Percheron draft Cantal Association: a carriage adapted wheelchair which will enable persons with reduced mobility to access spaces the Cantal mountain by horse-drawn carriage rides.

Low Normandy: rare Handy and poly: project: equip a home for 6 “lifts” rail Sunrise and sunset and moving towards the Office of toilet and balneotherapy.

Centre: The company of 100 votes: project: creation of the first youth album bilingual French/sign language.

North not of calais: the challenge of Fortunée: the association solicits the ADPS to finance equipment for rehabilitation activities by physiotherapists, to peacekeeping activities or rebate in the form of children and adolescents treated with chemotherapy.

The Scientific Committee of the ADPS of social action award

Candidates to the ADPS price projects are analyzed by a Scientific Committee composed of personalities known for their competence in health, social, legal or financial matters. The Scientific Committee currently includes:

  • the Professor Christian Cabrol.
  • the Dr. (co-founder and former Director of Handicap International) Philippe Chabasse.
  • Pascal Beau (Director General of the magazine European Social space and President of the European Observatory of Social Protection).
  • Prof. Jacques Rouëssé, oncologist, former Director of the Centre René Huguenin in St Cloud.
  • Jean-Luc beef (Director of the Lafond Gervais – 87 Couzeix IEMSU).

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