Saviour-François Morand

Saviour-François Morand, born in Paris in 1697 and died in 1773, is an French surgeon.

François Morand fit, under the direction of his father, John Morand, born in Limousin in 1658 and died in 1726, who had been, for almost thirty years, surgeon-major to the hotel of invalids and first tried to amputate the arm in its articulation with the scapular, of such progress in surgery that he became, at the age of fifteen years, helps the hotel of invalidswhere he was admitted as a surgeon in 1724.

Member of the Academy of sciences since 1722, demonstrator of the operations of surgery in 1725, royal censor and Chief Surgeon of the Hospital of charity (1730), surgeon-major of the gardes-françaises (1739) and Chief Surgeon of the Hotel des Invalides, Morand acquired by the talent he had evidence in these various functions, a great reputation.

The science of a consumed anatomist, he joined ease of speech, and his courses were followed by a large number of students. In 1729, he had made England a trip learn Cheselden to cut the stone by the side apparatus. He was in a relationship with major scholars of the time, Sloane, Morgagni, Haller, Sharp, etc., and was part of a large number of learned societies of Europe.

Kind, cheerful, forcing, Morand was particular the protector of Sabatier, who became his son-in-law. Apart numerous submissions in the collections of the Academy of sciences and of the Academy of surgery, is to:

  • Treaty of size at the top device, Paris, 1728, in – 8 °;
  • Speech to prove that it is necessary for a surgeon to be literate, Paris, 1743;
  • Collection of experiments and observations on the stone, Paris, 1743, 4 flight.;
  • the Art of reporting in surgery;
  • Booklets of surgery, Paris, 1768-1772, in – 4 °.
  • He has also worked to volumes I, IV, V of the encyclopedia of Diderot and d’Alembert.


François Morand left his name to an anatomical structure of the brain, a bulge located on the medial surface of the occipital Horn of the lateral ventricle called “Morand ergot” or calcar notice.

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