Alexis Vautrin

Son of Jean Vautrin, Captain in retirement and Gercourt Mayor, village located about 20 miles northwest of Verdun, and Marguerite Jeannesson, a native of Brieulles-sur-Meuse, Alexis did his primary studies in the brothers of the Doctrine to the lycée of Bar-le-Duc for the secondary cycle. Student worker and talented hard, he got the baccaléauréat in 1876. Internal, there then as the future President of the Republic Raymond Poincaré classmate.

He later began studying medicine in Nancy, which became a large medical training centre, following the annexation of Strasbourg and therefore of its Faculty of medicine, by the German empire. He then climbed the levels from the various examinations and competition and opted for the surgery and gynaecology.

He illustrated by excellent results:

  • 1882: first honourable mention in the contest of the day school
  • 1882: appointment as aid of Anatomy
  • 1884: first honourable mention at the price of the boarding school
  • 1884: price of surgeon
  • 1885: medical degree with a thesis on a “study on the interligamentaire ovarian cysts”
  • August 1, 1885: head of clinic
  • 1886: Aggregation in section of surgery and childbirth

He was also lecturer at the Faculty in the teaching of the clinic of syphilitic and skin diseases and in 1881 became the departmental House of emergency physician.

He then devoted qon time in medical research and writing of many works and scientific works. Between 1885 and 1927, he produced 184 publications of all kinds.

March 1, 1907, he was promoted to Assistant Professor and, late 1914, was the head of Chair of clinical surgery (b) where he remained until his death.

In addition, he was began as early as 1895 in the company of a foundation of private surgical clinic. The “clinic Vautrin Saint – Joseph” was then open to 18 rue Victor Prouvé in Nancy and its medical staff was under the dependency of the nuns of Saint-Sauveur. It was converted into a House of retirement late 1983.

In 1899-1900, Alexis Vautrin was President of the society of Medicine of Nancy and became officer of the Palmes académiques in 1892 and officer of Public Instruction in 1901.

It was “mobilized” as civil in the first world war; his extreme devotion and his exemplary conduct during the war years earned him the recognition of the nation and he was made Chevalier of the Legion of honour on October 27, 1917.

More than 60 years, he launched the fight against cancer and was proposed to as Director of a “regional fight against cancer Board” and formalized in this service on March 13, 1924.

A donation, he is able to create, not without punishment, an Institute of gynaecology Centre including 13 beds and equipped with a formal staffing of 325 mg of radium, two devices deep radiotherapy, a laboratory of pathological anatomy, an operating room, two lounges and a sterilization room. The official opening took place on November 20, 1925.

He died of pneumonia on June 4, 1927 and bequeathed the sum of 110 000 francs to the cancer centre in advancing medical equipment.

He had married Marie Anna Perrin, daughter of an industrialist in Cornimont textile, 1889; She gave him four daughters.

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