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Following, with Ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal related application area, there are more detailed information:

  • Anaemia

Drug overview

In the following variants is ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal available:

Pack size and dosage form Potency (dosage per capsule) Cheapest price per Pack
20 Capsules 50 Mg Eisen(II) 2.37 EUR alternatives
50 Capsules 50 Mg Eisen(II) 5.56 EUR alternatives
100 Capsules 50 Mg Eisen(II) 10.47 EUR alternatives
20 Capsules 100 Mg Eisen(II) 3.77 EUR alternatives
50 Capsules 100 Mg Eisen(II) 8.72 EUR alternatives
100 Capsules 100 Mg Eisen(II) 16,54 EUR alternatives

Other components

The following substance not effective components are part of the drug:

  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • Titanium dioxide (E 171)
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Eisen(II,III)-OXID (E 172)
  • Eisen(III)-OXID (E 172)
  • Iron oxide hydrate (E 172)
  • Gelatine
  • Hyprolose
  • Hypromellose
  • Ethyl acrylate methacrylic acid copolymer (1: 1)
  • Sodium dodecyl sulfate
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Talcum powder
  • Triethyl(2-acetoxy-propan-1,2,3-tricarboxylat)

So does ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal

Ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg/-duodenal contains the active substance Eisen(II). Learn more about the applications and the action of Eisen(II) below. Read also the information about the groups of active ingredients of iron preparations, blutbildende means which the active ingredient is Eisen(II). To note is also the special effect of ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal

Fields of application of the active substance: Eisen(II)

With bivalent iron (Eisen(II)) iron deficiency of different causes will be treated or prevented. The active ingredient at anaemia caused by iron deficiency is indicated in particular. These forms of anaemia, referred also iron deficiency anemia can occur on the one hand to Blutverlusten. So overly strong periods, operations, hidden lost in the stomach-intestine area such as stomach and duodenal ulcers or even blood donations reduce the amount of blood.

Another reason for anaemia through iron deficiency may be a disorder of the absorption of iron in the body. These for example occurs when an operation, parts of Dünndarmes had to be removed in which occurs the inclusion of in dietary iron in the blood.

Eisen(II) can absorb an increased need for iron in pregnancy. It is formed by the iron needs of the child, which are “drawn from the iron stores of the mother”.

In-depth information is available to the following application areas of Eisen(II):

  • Anaemia
  • Pregnancy

Mode of action of Eisen(II)

Iron is an important raw material of the human body. Iron can bind oxygen in the tissue and make it available for the individual cells. Therefore, almost all the processes of the body need oxygen, are linked to an adequate supply of iron:

  • the transport of oxygen in the blood (iron is a component of hemoglobin hemoglobin in red blood cells)
  • the provision of oxygen in energy production of the cells (the so-called electron transport chain in mitochondria)
  • the oxygen supply in the muscle (by the protein Myoglobin)
  • the reduction and detoxification of harmful substances and other (körperfremden) substances such as about britischen active substances through the cytochrome system of the liver.

The daily iron intake through diet with excretion in balance is normally. In certain situations such as in pregnancy, but often more iron is required than can be ingested with the food. Also an iron loss may be offset often not alone by bleeding through the diet. As a result, an anaemia that requires an additional intake of iron is formed by the iron deficiency. Bivalent iron belongs to the Group of the blood-forming means. The active ingredient is well absorbed by the body from the digestive tract and incorporated into the various storage, transport and enzyme systems. Bivalent iron only as salt is used in medicines. (Eisen(II)-Aspartat, are such salts of bivalue iron Eisen(II)-Chlorid, iron/II) – fumarate, Eisen(II)-Gluconat, iron Glycinsulfat, Eisen(II)-Succinat,, and iron sulfate. All of these iron salts are suitable only for taking. Must the iron is however given by means of a syringe, attacks the doctor to medicines with trivalent iron (Eisen(III)). The duration of treatment with iron is dependent on the iron metabolism situation (reduced supply, increased demand, pathological loss of iron) and the normalization of the number of red blood cells (red blood cell count). After normalization of Red doctors the iron gift to populate the iron reserves should be continued at least one to two months.

Special features of the effect of ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg/-duodenal

Notes to the dosage instructions on the packaging and in the patient information:

The medicine contains the active substance Eisen(II) in the form of Eisen(II)-Glycin-Sulfat-Komplex. 50 Milligrams of Eisen(II) correspond to 283,83 milligrams of Eisen(II)-Glycin-Sulfat-Komplex. 100 Mg Eisen(II) correspond to 567,7 milligrams of Eisen(II)-Glycin-sulfat-Komplex.

Warnings & precautions

Use of the drug can lead to false-positive test results in the Benzidin-and lignum vitae test in the laboratory.

To avoid the risk of a possible overdose of iron, other foods or medications should not be used with iron.

A cumulative dose of one gram of iron can lead to a life-threatening condition in infants. For children, the lethal dose is between 1.1 and 3.7 g Eisen(II).

Patients with ulcers or inflammation of the gastric or intestinal mucosa must be careful with this drug.

A may occur during treatment with the drug darkening of the Chair is insignificant.

Use of the drug at two-hour intervals to other drugs is advisable to avoid interactions.

The drug is at an anemia, which occurs due to a severe kidney disease be administered together with erythropoietin.

Medicines can cause allergic reactions. Evidence for this can be: redness, runny nose, itching, swelling of the mucous membrane, itching and redness of the eyes, narrowing of the Airways (asthma). In rare cases, there may be allergic shock with loss of consciousness.

Should you perceive signs of an allergic reaction, immediately inform a doctor.


What interactions of the active substance Eisen(II) in ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg/-duodenal are known? It is important to note that the interactions can be different depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

Bivalent iron reduces the absorption of antibiotics such as tetracyclines, penicillamine (against iron storage disease), gold connections (against inflammatory rheumatic diseases) and against Parkinson’s disease levodopa and Methyldopa employed active substances. Also the inclusion of Chinolon antibiotics such as E.g. ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, norfloxacin, Ofloxacin or thyroxine (thyroid hormone) is affected by iron ions. The effect of the mentioned active substances is weakened by concomitant intake of Eisen(II).

Vice versa the inclusion is acid-binding methods (antacids) such as calcium salts, salts of magnesium and aluminium salts as well as reduced calcium and magnesium supplements by Eisen(II) by simultaneous administration of cholestyramine. So is the blood of less iron available.

The simultaneous intake of Eisen(II) with aspirin, other salicylates or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs strengthened the irritation of the stomach intestinal mucous membrane by the iron.

The simultaneous intake of acids improve the inclusion of Eisen(II) in the small intestine. Iron-binding plant substances such as phosphate, phytate or oxalate as well as milk, coffee and tea inhibit the absorption of iron. Therefore should be about two to three hours between the recording of ferrous resources and these food components.

Tests for the detection of blood in stool (Lignum Vitae assay, benzidine-probe) can be false positive during treatment with ferrous resources.


The capsules are available with 283,83 mg and 567,7 mg Eisen(II)-glycin-sulfat-Komplex (equivalent to 50 mg or 100 mg Fe 2 +).

Several lower-dose capsules together can be taken to achieve the desired dosage.

Adults and children six years of age occupy once daily in the morning on an empty stomach or approximately two hours after breakfast whole capsule (50 to 100 milligrams Fe 2 +) with enough liquid.

Two to three capsules throughout the day in adults and adolescents aged 15 (or from 50 kg body weight) can be administered in very strong iron deficiency.


The following gives details of contra-indications for the purposes of Ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal in General, pregnancy & breast-feeding and children. It is important to note that the contra-indications can be different depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

When may ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal not be used?

Bivalent iron should not be given at:

  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance
  • Iron recycling disorders like thalassaemia, sideroachrestischen anaemias, lead anaemias
  • Iron storage diseases such as Hämochromatosen

Anemia caused by tumors or infections, if not at the same time there is iron deficiency.

The active ingredient may be applied only after careful risk benefit assessment by a doctor when:

  • the pre-existing inflammation in the stomach and intestines, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

What must you consider when pregnancy and breast-feeding?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, treatment with the drug should be made only after a careful medical risk benefit and are prescribed in a dosage of over 80 milligrams per day not over a longer period.

What is taken into account in children?

Infants and young children can be treated if the doctor considers it necessary, even with appropriate iron preparations in customized doses.

Iron compounds especially for children, more rarely in adults, fatal can be included in a greater proportion. In infants a cumulative dose of one gram of Eisen(II) enough already to create a life-threatening condition. For children, the lethal dose is between 1.1 and 3.7 grams Eisen(II). Symptom of poisoning start already at about 10 percent of these values. Therefore, it is unbedigt to abide by the the manufacturer’s dosing instructions

First (within a few minutes to some six hours after ingestion), it comes to bloody gastric intestinal inflammation, in severe cases with circulatory collapse, shock and coma, nausea, vomiting, hematemesis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, increase of white blood cells, fever, dullness and drop in blood pressure. 25 Percent of all deaths occur at this stage. After four to six hours there to begin a recovery. After another 12 to 48 hours shock can follow with lowering of blood volume and acidification of the blood and reduced urinary excretion, often yellowing of the skin and eyes. Also brain symptoms and a death of liver cells with seizures, respiratory paralysis, coma can be added after two to four days. (The majority of deaths occurs at this stage.) Then the symptoms sound off quickly. It can long-term consequences such as narrowing of Magenausgangs and cicatricial Narrowings in the gastro-intestinal area remain however.

Side effects

What side effects can the drug Eisen(II) in ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg /-duodenal have? The following learn you the most important thing possible, well-known side effects of Eisen(II) in ferro sanol duodenal mite 50 mg/-duodenal. These side effects should not occur, but can. Because everyone reacts differently to medications. Please also note that the side effects in type and frequency can vary depending on the drug form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

Common side effects: gastrointestinal complaints, constipation.

Specialties: During treatment with this drug is a harmless black coloration of the Chair. Children can poison by iron tablets.

Long-term use of high doses of iron, as far as they are not required for individual use, can lead to the typical symptoms of iron overload (hemochromatosis).

As an antidote for poisoning recommends is a Magenspülung with one to dreiprozentiger sodium bicarbonate solution, as well as the gift of three to five grams of Deferoxamine (adults can take up to ten grams). Also magnesium sulphate, milk and raw eggs stimulate the formation of iron protein complexes and can thus help detoxification.

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