Talvosilen juice

Area of application indicated by the manufacturer

To this, the juice in combination with Talvosilen application area there are more in-depth information:

  • Pain (mild to moderately strong)

Drug overview

Talvosilen juice is available in the following offer:

Pack size and dosage form Potency dosage per ml juice) Cheapest price per Pack
85 ml juice 0.74 Mg codeine 40 milligrams of acetaminophen 13.99 EUR (5.00 EUR), price (3,95 EUR shipping) price

Other components

Substance not effective parts are included in the drug:

  • (Benzyl, butyl, and ethyl, isobutyl, propyl) 4-hydroxybenzoate
  • Sunset yellow FCF (E 110)
  • purified water
  • Krauseminzoel
  • Sucrose
  • Cream flavor
  • Sorbic acid
  • Astragalus

Appears talvosilen juice

the combination of active ingredients acetaminophen contains talvosilen juice + codeine. Below you find out more about the applications and the action of paracetamol + codeine. Read also the information about the drug group Opioid Painkillers, to which the combination of active ingredients of paracetamol + codeine is one. Please note the special effect of talvosilen juice is also

Areas of application of the combination of active ingredients: paracetamol + codeine

The combination is headache or menstrual pain in deployed, such as for example, as well as, such as angina pectoris, or after a heart attack.

Following applications of paracetamol + codeine in-depth information available:

  • Pain (mild to moderately strong)
  • Pain (strong to very strong)
  • Headache
  • Osteoarthritis

Mode of action of paracetamol + codeine

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is one of the non-opioid analgesics. It is a pain-inhibiting and antipyretic substance which however only slightly anti-inflammatory effect. The mechanism of action is not entirely clear. It is proved that a significantly greater inhibition of the production of prostaglandins (inflammation-causing messengers) in the brain as in the other body tissues occurs by paracetamol. This may have on the perception of pain. In addition, acetaminophen inhibits the effect of fiebererzeugender substances in the Centre of temperature regulation in the brain. This explains the antipyretic effect.

Codeine is a the morphine related opioid from the Group of opioid analgesics and soothing effect in the brain. Also is capable of codeine to suppress the cough reflex. The effect is dose-dependent.

Some studies give evidence that the pain inhibition by combining is more intense than that of the individual substances, even if these are used in higher doses.

Special features of the effect of talvosilen juice

Notes to the dosage information on the Pack and in the patient information:

The medication contains codeine codeine phosphate hemihydrate as the active substance. a milliliter juice contains a milligrams of codeine phosphate hemihydrate, which corresponds to 0.74 mg codeine.

Warnings & precautions

Responsiveness can be so reduced that the ability to actively participate in road traffic or the operation of machines is affected.

At the first sign of a reaction is to sell the drug and to make contact immediately with a doctor.

For a long time and high dose use of the drug is the risk of loss of effect and the development of an addiction.

Patients with a serious disturbance of the liver or kidney function need a weaker dosage of the drug.

Five milliliters (a measuring cup) juice contain carbohydrates in the value of 0.2 our (BE).

The included dye sunset yellow FCF can cause allergic reactions in sensitive to the asthma.

Cool stored the juice remains stable beginning at least six months.

The drug must be kept not warmer than 25 degrees.

Medicines can cause allergic reactions. Evidence for this can be: redness, runny nose, itching, swelling of the mucous membrane, itching and redness of the eyes, narrowing of the Airways (asthma). In rare cases, there may be allergic shock with loss of consciousness.


What interactions of the combination of active ingredients of paracetamol + codeine in talvosilen juice are known? Please note that the interactions can be different depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

Simultaneous use of other brain-acting medicines such as soothing and hypnotic, other pain relievers, allergy preparations and depression, Neuroleptics and alcohol can be strengthened the tired effect of making and omitted the breath.

Simultaneous use of medicines, leading to a faster reduction of acetaminophen in the liver, liver damage can be caused also by otherwise non-toxic doses of acetaminophen. (These substances include certain sedatives and Antiepileptics like phenobarbital, phenytoin and carbamazepine) as well as the antibiotic. The same applies to alcohol abuse.

When combined with chloramphenicol, the excretion of chloramphenicol can be significantly slowed with the risk of increased toxicity.

Interactions between paracetamol and the blood thinners, warfarin and Cumarinen are not to evaluate their clinical importance.

While taking means that lead to a slowing of gastric emptying, as, recording and effect entry of paracetamol can be delayed.

On the other hand, recording and effect entry of paracetamol can be accelerated in interaction with resources that lead to an acceleration of the gastric emptying, like for example metoclopramide.

Simultaneous use of paracetamol and the virus inhibitor, the tendency to the neutropenia is increased. The combination is to be applied at the same time only after medical advice with zidovudine.


Young children from the first up to the age of six will receive one-to three times a day a half to a measuring cup.

School children aged six to twelve take on one or two measuring cup three times a day.

Adults and young people can take up to four times a day two and a half to four measuring cup.

Between the individual gifts should be a time gap of at least six hours be met.

The daily maximum amount varies depending on age, the relevant instructions of the physician must be respected absolutely.

The juice is ready for use and can, if necessary, also mixed with food and drink be ingested. A taking after meals can lead to a delayed effect entry.

The doctor determines the duration of the application.


The following information on contra-indications in the application of juice in General, pregnancy & breast-feeding and children of Talvosilen. Please note that the contra-indications can be different depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

When may not be used talvosilen juice?

This combination must not be used with a hypersensitivity to acetaminophen and/or codeine in dependence on opioids, impaired consciousness, disorders of Atemzentrums and the respiratory function and in States with increased cranial pressure.

A dose reduction or an extension of the dosing interval is required in hepatic impairment (for example by chronic alcohol abuse or liver), kidney failure and dialysis patients, and in Gilbert Gilbert disease.

What must you consider of pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The security of the application of the combination of paracetamol + codeine in pregnancy is not for the people. No data from animal studies that are available.

Acetaminophen and codeine can pass through the placenta has been proven. No evidence of a link between the use of paracetamol during the first three to four months of pregnancy and the incidence of malformations have arise but from studies of many mother-child pairs.

On the other hand, a clear connection between malformations of the respiratory system and the use of codeine was found in the first four months of pregnancy.

Prolonged use of codeine in the last third of pregnancy, withdrawal symptoms can occur in the newborn. The mother takes codeine, it can occur during childbirth respiratory suspended in the newborn.

The combination of paracetamol and codeine should be applied only after strict assessment of the risk benefit by a doctor during pregnancy.

Paracetamol is transferred into breast milk. Although so far no adverse effects on the infant are known, but one should only if absolutely necessary during the lactation using the combination.

What is to be taken into account in children?

For use in children, the data of the manufacturers are necessarily note. Some manufacturers limit the use of the drug on about twelve others allow him also for younger children, but specify a correspondingly weaker dosage.

Side effects

What side effects can the combination of active ingredients of paracetamol + codeine in talvosilen juice have? Below, you will learn the most important thing possible, well-known side effects of paracetamol + codeine in talvosilen juice. These side effects must not occur, but can. Because everyone reacts differently to medications. Also, please note that the side-effects in type and frequency can be different depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug (for example, Tablet, syringe, ointment).

Common side effects: fatigue, mild headache, constipation and.

Rare side effects: dry mouth, insomnia, itching, redness, allergic rashes, hives, shortness of breath and ringing in the ears.

Very rare side effects: changes of doctors within the meaning of the allergic conditional lack of platelets or white blood cells.

Specialties: In higher doses it can come to euphoria and dependency, drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, movement uncertainties and visual disturbances.

Patients with increased brain pressure or head injuries suffered suspension of breath sometimes at high doses, with pre-existing Lung dysfunction can cause water accumulation in the lungs.

In some cases drop in blood pressure has been reported already on bronchial cramps and hypersensitivity reactions such as Quincke edema, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, until the shock. Also, individual cases were blood count changes such as agranulocytosis and Pancytopenia.

Liver damage is possible if a healthy adult once daily occupies more than ten to twelve grams or over a longer period more than 7.5 grams of acetaminophen. These limits are lower in children. Basically painkillers without doctor’s prescription should be taken not more than three days in a row and not more frequently than in ten days per month.

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