Blue potatoes lower blood pressure

Blue potatoes can help overweight people to lower their blood pressure. This shows a study by researchers from the University of Scranton (U.S. State of Pennsylvania) to Joe Vinson.

The test proves: overweight people who for one month regularly ate the blue tubers, have proven slightly reduced their blood pressure. The results were presented at a Congress of the American Chemical Society. High blood pressure can cause a number of suffering, as cardiac insufficiency, arteriosclerosis and eye damage.

In the study, a month-long blue potatoes were placed on the ordinary diet 18 mostly overweight patients with high blood pressure. You should eat the blue exotics because colored fruits and vegetables contain many phytochemicals, so the researchers. These substances which are regarded as beneficial to health. The participants ate six to eight of the golf ball-sized tubers with Bowl twice a day. The potatoes were cooked without oil in the microwave.

During the study, the researchers measured both the so-called systolic or upper blood – so the value when the heart muscle pumps blood into the arteries – as also the diastolic or lower blood pressure, which is measured when the heart relaxes. The result: The systolic blood pressure in an average of 3.5 percent, the diastolic to 4.3 per cent has been reduced by the potato Spa. In addition, none of the participants took to weight.

“The potato probably more than any other vegetables has an undeserved bad reputation which has resulted in many health-conscious people have removed it from their diet,” Vinson said. Lovers of French fries and potato chips could however are not on the results: because the high temperatures at which the products are manufactured, destroy most of healthy ingredients of the potato, so the researchers. It stayed back mainly starch, fat and minerals.

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