Stalking has many faces. Some stalker harass their victims by phone, others threaten them on the road. And others go back so far that they physically attack their object of desire. Meet it can be anyone: not just celebrities can focus of a stalkers fall into, but also all the other people. So, for example, the ex-boyfriend can become the stalker, because he wants to accept a separation easy. But what can you do to escape a stalker?

Stalking is the permanent, intended harassment, surveillance, threat and / or persecution of someone of who is suffering both physically and mentally, including. The term stalking originally comes from the English hunting language (Engl. to stalk) and means something like “stalk itself”, “sneak” – as similar as a Hunter, the stalker make to their victims.

Who will be victims of stalking, must suffer often for many years.

There is no generally applicable definition of stalking. The activities of a stalker can be varied. You harass their victims, for example, via SMS, letter, email or phone. They lurk on them and / or follow; so they appear, for example, suddenly at work or in front of the apartment. You can send gifts as “Proof of love”. Stalking can go so far that the offender uses physical violence.

In Germany of 26.848 cases have been reported to the police, a total of stalking (re-enactment). These are just under six percent less than. However, is to assume that the number of unreported cases of stalking is high.

The motives for stalking are numerous. Many stalkers want to accept that your partner or your partner has left them. Others want to be necessarily a prominent or superficially known someone close.

On the basis of the United States, the phenomenon of stalking is increasingly since the 1990s is made the subject of scientific research. Often, those affected in severe mental crises are driven. Discharging the last way out of the stalking is often only the task of the place of residence and the friends of the workplace.

Since March, stalking is considered criminal offence and may be punished with freedom or fine. One reason more to actively combat a stalker. With professional help – for example by victims or violence counselling service – you can set to defend.

In case of doubt you should not hesitate to call the police to have the stalker in the place.

Perpetrators and victims

While it comes the stalking perpetrators live power and control, the victims suffer very often the permanent adjustments. The life of a person can suffer so much, that he must be seeking psychological treatment.

The victims

Everyone can be whether a celebrity or a private person to the stalking victims–no matter. One of the most prominent victims was John Lennon of the Beatles, who was shot dead on 8 December 1980 in New York City by a mentally disturbed stalker.

Victims of stalking often for years – it is mostly women – suffer the Psychoterror of the offender. Some people go even their place of residence and their circle of friends or leave the workplace to get rid the Tracker – not always with success, because stalkers are persistent and try everything to locate their prey.

Ongoing stalking is often associated with psychological consequences for the victims. Some sufferers develop a post-traumatic stress disorder in the course of time or they become depressed. In rare cases the person concerned so burdened, might that he sees no other solution than to commit suicide. Also physical damage can occur because the stalker attacking his victim – in extreme cases up to the murder.

The perpetrators

Regardless of whether ex-husband, friend, colleague, or an unknown person: stalkers have many faces. A stalker aims generally, to control his victim and to have power over it. Some stalkers pursue revenge, others are convinced that their victim would close.

Many stalkers cannot accept the separation of the partners.

Often – but not always – stalker who previously are abandoned by her partner / partner and not be willing to accept this Division are. You try with all force to prevail and hope to get back in touch with the victim. They lack the necessary social skills and they are not able to the negative and negative signals that sends the victim, to correctly interpret.

If a man or a woman has left the partner, it is a normal and common response that the or the Forsaken trying to save the partnership. This can be done by letter, by phone, or through personal contact. To the stalking and often a pathological behavior it is however, if despite unique futility of such behaviour, “Hooking up” becomes compulsory and will take months or even years.

Stalking occurs in the context of mental illness such as schizophrenia or personality disorders.

What to do?

Victims of stalking should defend themselves against the offender.

What can you do to put against stalking to defend? Of course depends it primarily from individual cases, which approach is right. However, stalking victims have few ways to defend themselves against the attacks of the offender.

With professional help, you can consider what strategy is the best together with an expert. In a massive case of stalking, it makes sense to take legal action against the offender may be. Before an advertisement you should not be afraid: in many cases, the intervention of the police deters the stalker. In addition, there is the possibility to apply for an interim injunction or protection order. First port of call can be a victims or violence counselling service, but also in support groups and women’s shelters find people affected by stalking, Council.

In addition, you can do a lot if you are victims of stalking:

Threatens you concrete risk – for example, because the offender enters in your home or threatens you-, be afraid not to involve the police. The staff of the police must intervene in crimes and initiate a corresponding proceedings on suspicion of a criminal offence.

Let’s not be intimidated: parts you the stalker promptly and with the necessary emphasis with, that he should leave you alone. Can be adjusted to no further contact wishes (as on the proposal to have a clear conversation).

If you notice that you have a stalker in the car tracks: go to the next police station!

Collect evidence! Should there be a trial, you can assign the activity of stalkers by evidence. For example in writing record when he did bother you on what type.

Let friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues know that you have been the victim of a stalker. Know more people in your community about the problem, you feel more secure and better protected.

Give the stalker any attack surface. Make sure wander what things in the household waste – documents with personal information (such as your address) should not be included.

Telephone terrorist or harassment via the Internet (cyber-stalking), you should obtain advice. There are some ways to protect, for example by using a trap circuit, a personal identification number, or a different E-Mail address from such activities.

Stalking is a phenomenon that is mentally very stressful. Therefore, accept help when you feel you no longer to get the problem psycho. Often, it helps a little if you can share your worries with someone around with a related person or in a support group. If the stalking but so compromised, that make it harder for your daily life or you, for example, suffer from insomnia or depression, you should take timely psychological help.

Legal aspects

Since March stalking is considered as a criminal offence under the Criminal Code (section 238). This move, victims should be better protected from stalkers – stalking is a fact, that represents a threat physically as well as mentally. On the other hand, the fact that stalking can be punished with a fine or imprisonment, could deter potential perpetrators. In severe cases of stalking – if the stalker caused the death of the victim or one of his relatives – a prison sentence can be pronounced by up to ten years.

In addition, stalking is often with other offences of the criminal code in connection, for example:

  • Trespass
  • Coercion
  • sexual assault
  • Personal injury
  • Insult

People who are harassed by a stalker, also have the ability to obtain a civil protection order against the offender. So a court can ban the stalker approaching the victim or to contact him – otherwise are a fine or with due.


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