Francesco Racanelli

Francesco Racanelli – born in Sannicandro di Bari (Puglia) in 1904, died in Florence in 1977 – is a physician, magnetizer, philosopher, spiritualist and Italian, originally of non-conventional therapy writer, called “bioradiante medicine”.


Francesco Racanelli was born in 1904, in Bari, in Puglia.

He discovered a particular gift in the hands, that it defines itself as under the control of an energy healing “bioradiante”.

He initially tests its powers innate therapist and career on animals, that he is able to relieve, even cure, by the only imposition of hands.

It is on a trip to Florence that he began to truly realize the extent of his healing faculties, recurrent requests of patients, to be relieved of their suffering.

He exercised his art volunteer, in good faith, without ever asking nothing in return.

This altruistic devotion earned him to be sued by the Council of the College of physicians for illegal practice of medicine.

In the trial that follows, he chooses to defend himself alone.

To the chagrin of his detractors, he won the top hand part, plus to be absolved of any load.

Notwithstanding this Angel acquittal, he will suffer yet many plural setbacks, which of constant legal and disciplinary – persecution perpetrated by the same bodies – against him. This procedural harassment will last for seven long years, during which he frisera the criminal charge, on five occasions.

However, deliberately ignoring injunctions and the administrative determination that the Hippocratic profession he suffered, he continued – willy-nilly – brilliant studies of medicine; He obtained, in the end, a PhD and, most importantly: with reference to [REF. necessary].

Therefore, in addition of its therapeutic activity, he became lecturer at the University [which?] and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine [where?][Which?].

He was also invited to participate, as intervener, in many international conferences related to advanced medical research.

Francesco Racanelli operates conjunction of practitioner of health and lecturer in Florence, in a residence called “The Aquario”, located in via Pietro Carnesecchi. Her patients affectionately called him “Ciccio [REF. necessary]“. His wife, Rafaella, is responsible for stewardship, as well as the home of residents [precision].

Francesco Racanelli died in Florence, in 1977, reclus and almost anonymity. It leaves many questions unanswered and thousands of requests to stay [precision] [REF. necessary].

Several books remain in inheritance, all devoted to his innovative medical approach.

To date, his best known book is entitled: “bioradiante medicine”.


Existential semiotics by prevalence, according to Dr. Francesco Racanelli, of an “indivisible binary entity”, could condense in this quote:

“Help man to develop: in a body and a healthy mind.”. For evil-be, my role is to restore the vital energy where it comes to miss, to rebalance the fluidic areas disturbed; “this exogenous input allowing the patient to recover himself his faculty of auto endogenous healing [REF. necessary]“.

-Francesco Racanelli, extract of a speech given [when?] to “the Aquario” di Firenze, Italia


In Italy, the doctor Francesco Racanelli inaugurates the first study “Zetetic” relating to animal magnetism and involving a doctor. However, after having been examined and “scanned” under the seams, Dr. Francesco Racanelli succeeds blithely through all of the steps inherent to the rational skepticism. The findings of the above investigation suggest the presence of a “fluid outstanding”, with “amazing curative powers.


“Dr. Francesco Racanelli represents a case almost unique, or precursor, in which allopathic medicine and alternative medicine” meet harmoniously, working – together and “synergistically” – to the building of a convergent case.

Collaboration between allopathic medicine and the “bioradiante medicine” of Dr. Francesco Racanelli seems to have borne fruit. It would have allowed the therapeutic results qualified [by whom?] for “outstanding, unexpected, or even exceptional [REF. necessary]“; minutes [which?], resulting from this interactive collaboration, are recorded in the specialized medical press [REF. necessary] of the time; their swarming is welcomed by the profession [precision].


The message that has persisted, after the disappearance of Dr. Francesco Racanelli, could be the following:

“The alleged mysteries, as inexplicable (in the State), are not necessarily inconsistent with the pragmatic science Cartesian research.” “These two hemispheres, opposed (at first glance) – previously – require an opening to the unspeakable, purposely to Pierce a hole through the immeasurable, favouring the emergence of a viable between two worlds, while antagonists, communication but, in the end, to their harmoniously subsequent conjunction, in a scalable conglomeratic substrate [REF. necessary]“.

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