Weight loss – fasting cure

In a fasting cure you fast one or more weeks according to certain rules and without either largely or entirely on food.

Whether Nulldiät, juice or therapeutic fasting – a permanent weight loss is not to achieve no matter. Only if you change the diet at the end of a fasting cure, it is possible to reduce the weight permanently. In principle, you should practice short fasting only if you are healthy and perform long fasting only under medical supervision.


When a Nulldiät, you completely dispense food. Only calorie-free drinks (more than three litres per day) as well as vitamins and minerals in the form of dietary supplements are allowed. Complete fasting causes a rapid weight loss, but not without danger. It should be practiced only in the context of stationary fasting treatments under medical supervision.

Due to the high protein losses and the great strain on heart and circulation, the Nulldiät is hardly used. It is useful only for severely obese a motivating way to weight loss and weight loss. But only if the diet is changed after.

Therapeutic fasting

Healing by fasting is to cure diseases or prevent by it the body of Stoffwechselendproduketn (so called slag) and evokes the self-healing powers. Experts reject these theories, as there is no accumulation of metabolic products in a healthy human body.

With the healing by fasting, you can decrease a lot in the short term. However you make to this weight quickly again after the fasting cure. Because the body continues on the back burner. Healing by fasting is also associated with a dangerous protein loss and does not wrong eating habits change.

Juice fasting

Only fruit and vegetable juices, broths and infusions are consumed at the juice fasting. In addition, two to three litres of water are recommended daily.

From food-medical point of view, the juice fasting makes little sense. Over a long period, it leads to protein deficiencies and lack of nutrients. A weight loss does not comply, as the body which has set during fasting on the hunger situation and also a long time after that with less food comes from.

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