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A little fat suck here, a few wrinkles smooth out there – the number of cosmetic surgery, whether for medical or aesthetic reasons, continues to grow.

But in the cosmetic surgeons search, caution is required: some black sheep cavort among the numerous cosmetic surgeons. It is therefore particularly important to be able to distinguish good from bad cosmetic surgeons.

Only the title of plastic surgeon indicates that holder has completed a six-year specialist training after studying human medicine an examination before the State Medical Association, where cosmetic procedures are taught. Even dermatologists, mouth jaw facial surgeons, Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Ärzte, or ophthalmologists who have acquired appropriate knowledge in a two- or three-year continuing education can be trusted. These doctors do the addition of plastic operations or medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in the title.

Any doctor can result in terms such as “Cosmetic surgeon”, “Plastic surgeon” or “Cosmetic surgeon”, however, – they say out but nothing about their education and training in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

The right surgeon

  • When choosing a surgeon, you should consider the following points:
  • The surgeon should have a long operational experience and have often carried the desired intervention.
  • Is the operator a member of one or more scientific medical societies or associations of aesthetic and plastic surgeons? This suggests that he is up to date and appropriates in courses new methods.
  • The surgeon should explain exactly why he chooses a particular method for your case.
  • The surgeon should have a fully-equipped, furnished on emergency operating room, a recovery room, qualified personnel and guaranteed monitoring until after the procedure.
  • The surgeon should ask you to consult yet an other expert, and show you the consequences of failed interventions.
  • The surgeon should win your trust by he who takes the time to understand your needs thoroughly interviewed you and examines, clarifies open, ruthlessly, and understandable on the risks and dangers of the intervention.
  • A quotation should be created…

The associations listed in the Guide and associations provide information to medical specialists.

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