Franck Chaumon

Franck Chaumon is particularly interested in reports of Psychiatry and of justice. It is one of hosts of the association practices of the madness, and Director of the eponymous collection in L’Harmattan. He is one of the initiators of the petition “for psychoanalysis” in response to the amendment Accoyer.


Psychiatry and justice, La Documentation française, 1988 (with Nicole Vacher)

Lacan. The law, the subject and the enjoyment, Michalon

Direction of works

Report of madness, L’Harmattan, 1999

Delirium and construction, compétence

The traumatic thing, L’Harmattan

Psychoanalysis: towards a development agenda?, the Dispute

Policies of “psy”, revue political reasons, no. 25 (with Frédéric Gros)

Contributions to collective works

“The madness, subject of law, subject of the unconscious” in Nathalie Robatel (ed.), the mad citizen, PUF, 1991

“The Act, this constraint.” “Reading of Hannah Arendt” in the constraint and the Act, L’Harmattan, 1997

“Madness and responsibility” in Claude Louzoun, Denis Salas (eds.), Justice and Psychiatry, compétence, 1998

“The double face of crime” in Pascale Macary (ed.), research at the time of psychoanalysis, pure

“Pedophile, our brother” in Marcela Palacios (ed.), children, innocent sex? Suspicion and taboos, otherwise

“Of the subject as fiction” in Patrick Chemla (ed.), the limits of the subject, compétence


“Madness: Singularity and community”, Journal of the International Association of the educational communities, vol. 88, 1994

“Hassles of singular and uncertain communities”, chimeras, no. 24, 1995

“Confess his madness”, chimeras, no. 37, 1998

“The admission as madness”, topical, no. 70

“Cree”, swarm, no. 6

“Of one body to another”, the Lacanian, no. 8 clinic

“The ethics, or”the courage for truth”, psychiatry and violence, vol. 8, no. 1

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